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Kevin Bacon’s Hilarious Response to Fans Asking About His ‘Beauty Routine’

India McCarty

Many celebrities are famous for sharing their beauty routines, tips and tricks with their fans, and Kevin Bacon is no exception! The actor recently took to Instagram to let fans in on his secret to looking camera-ready.

Bacon’s funny video: ‘Beauty Routine? What kind of crazy talk is this?

“People always ask me ‘Do you have some kind of beauty routine or something, or do you just wake up like that? Bacon told the camera. “I mean, come on. Beauty routine? What kind of crazy talk is that?”

He then notices the under-eye masks on his face and hastily rips them off before smiling at the camera. Fans loved the cheeky video and filled the comments section with crying and laughing emojis.

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“Just keep it real,” laughed one fan. Another wrote: “you and your wife are beautiful people!!” Someone else commented, “I think these under eye patches work, Mr. Bacon.”

The actor shares his secrets to staying in shape

The 64-year-old actor still looks great, so it’s no surprise many are wondering about his beauty routine. In a 2019 interview, Bacon revealed the secrets of his appearance. “I have good genes,” Bacon joked, before sharing his advice.

“I eat healthy, exercise, meditate and have good sex. Good sex is important,” the actor laughed. He also admitted that the makeup he wears at the start of the movies and TV shows “help enormously” when it comes to looking healthy.

Bacon’s latest project

The actor is currently promoting his new film They they, a horror film about a group of teenagers in an LGBTQ+ conversion camp who are stalked by a mysterious killer. It’s a return to gender for the actor; Bacon starred in the first Friday 13 movie in 1980.

“In the film, what they do in this camp is the real horror, but [director John Logan] also did this really cool stuff, which is to say he built it like a 70s and early 80s teen slasher movie,” Bacon said in an interview with Newsweek.

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He continued: “I was in one of the biggest [Friday the 13th], and in this world, when you did things that people found morally wrong, like being gay, you were going to get it. In Friday 13 I wasn’t gay, but I was having unmarried sex and smoking a joint, and that was it for me. The messaging is not good there. It’s awful. And so John reversed that and I think that’s part of his genius, to frame the film that way. So when I read it, I was like, sure, I’m into it.

Bacon fans are thrilled to see him star in a horror movie again and loved getting an inside look at the beauty routine that keeps the actor ready for the camera!

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