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McDonald’s employee dies after being shot in the neck with cold fries

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A 23 year old McDonald’s A Brooklyn employee was fatally shot this week after an argument broke out in the middle of the establishment over the temperature of some french fries.

According WABC, 20 years Michael Morgan has been charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon – and could soon face enhanced charges – after he allegedly shot Matthew Webb. It all started when the fast food employee got into an argument around 7 p.m. Monday with a 40-year-old customer, Lisa Fulmore, who complained that his fries were cold. As the incident escalated, SCS reported that she called her son Michael on FaceTime and told him to “deal with the problem”.

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When Michael arrived at McDonald’s to confront Matthew, police say he pulled out a handgun and shot the worker once in the neck. He was rushed to Brookdale University Hospitalwhere he later succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday.

All that on fries? Seriously…

Talk with The New York Post, Lisa then detailed her side of the story and claimed that she had asked a woman behind the counter at McDonald’s to bring her a fresh batch of fries since hers were cold. However, she soon realized that the worker had only placed a few hot ones on top of the order:

“I asked him, ‘Why would you give me the same fries and just put one or two on them to make me think you gave me new fries?’ She started laughing, and they all started laughing, acting like it was funny, I was like, ‘What’s funny? I paid for the food and should get what I asked for. They laughed at me.

Lisa then alleged that Matthew told her she had food in her teeth before asking the manager out:

“Everyone started laughing again. It’s when I was on the phone with my son. I was like, ‘They in this McDonald’s are playing with me. My son said, ‘Come outside’ to the boy in the back.’ »

While the mother claims her son left the scene, she says about 10 minutes later that Matthew “went looking for my son” and heard a gunshot:

“The next thing you know, maybe like 10 minutes later you hear a gunshot. I looked, and I saw a boy on the ground, and then I saw my son running the other way. I called 911, then sat there and waited. I don’t even know if my son did that. The only thing I know is that my son was arguing with the boy and the boy came out looking for my son.

Shortly after, Morgan was taken into custody where prosecutors say he confessed during police questioning to not only shooting Matthew but also killing a man named Kevin Holman two years ago. What?! On Thursday, a judge ordered that he be held without bond for both cases. He is now due in court on August 8.

By The New York Postsaid the public prosecutor Camellia Dunlap was also charged with felony possession of a weapon and possession of a loaded firearm in connection with the case after she allegedly handed the gun to her boyfriend moments before the shooting.

Our hearts go out to Matthew’s family following this tragedy.

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