One of Ahmaud Arbery’s convicted murderers says he fears being killed in Georgia state prison

Crystal Gross

Well, that’s something someone should have thought of before killing an innocent black man. According to court documents, one of the men convicted of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder is facing death in state prison.

In November 2021, Travis McMichael, his father Greg, and their neighbor, William “Roddie” Bryan, were convicted in the fatal shooting of Arbery in February 2020. The McMichaels were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole . Bryan was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole. They were also convicted of federal hate crime charges and will face sentencing for it next week.

Travis McMichael’s attorney, Amy Lee Copeland, filed a memorandum Thursday in federal court asking him to remain in federal physical custody because he apparently fears being killed once in the prison system. Georgia State, CNN reported.

McMichael has been held at the Glynn County Detention Center since his arrest in May 2020, according to the memo, and has since received threats that people are “waiting for him,” that he should not enter the yard. She was also told that corrections officers had promised a willingness (whether for pay or free) to keep certain doors unlocked and turn their backs on allowing inmates to harm her.

“His concern is that he will be promptly killed upon his delivery to the state prison system to serve this sentence: he has received numerous death threats which are credible in light of all the circumstances, and the government has an ongoing investigation into the Georgia DOC. ability to keep inmates safe in a system where murder rates have tripled,” the memo continues.

He also claims that McMichael received hundreds of threats and “stopped counting in January 2022, at around 800 threats.”

Along with concerns for his safety, the memo also cites “the government’s investigation into violence in Georgia state prisons” as reasons why he should remain in federal physical custody.

Arbery’s family objected to the killers serving time in federal prison instead of state prison.

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