Romance In STEM makes our brains and hearts swell

Brianna Morton

Prepare to be completely charmed by by Ali Hazelwood last romance love on the brainwhich is her second complete novel after the success of her first book The love hypothesis. The swoon-worthy book hits stands on August 23, but we’ve got our hot little fingers on an early copy. We won’t divulge the dirty details, but we think Bee and Levi might be an even better couple than TLH Oliver and Adam.

All About “Love in the Brain”

STEM has never been sexier, nor the science stakes higher than in Ali Hazelwood’s new romance love on the brain. Hazelwood’s own background in STEM (she’s a neuroscientist, NBD) means she really knows what she’s talking about. That’s not to say that she bogs the reader down with scientific theories that some of her readers (we’re talking about us) might have trouble understanding.

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Instead, you walk away from LOTB feel a little more intelligent than when you started the book. The book follows Bee Könnigswasser as she achieves her dream job working with NASA in Houston on a brand new brain trick for astronauts. There, she has the “misfortune” to come across an old classmate, a certain Levi Ward.

Bee has never quite forgiven Levi for the way he treated her in college, and it’s clear that Levi has never forgotten her. The two must find a way to work together and do science that Bee’s idol Marie Curie can be proud of, but that’s hard to do when the chemistry between these two romantic leads is so far off the charts!

Ali Hazelwood does it again

Bee is funny and endearing, a heroine to whom one can become attached without passing for the perfect ingenue. Levi is smart, sexy, and the perfect gentleman, except when it counts. Is it any wonder we have no choice but to stop this couple?

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If you’re a fan of rival-to-lovers tropes, this one’s definitely for you. Bonus points if you’re a fan of cats that exist or not, love a misanthropic sidekick with a sense of humor that would Parks and recreation April Ludgate white, and of course a spicy romantic flavor to wash it all down.

We really enjoyed Hazelwood’s latest book and we think you will too. Pre-order love on the brain today or pick it up in store on August 23.

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