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“She is lucky to be alive”: Anne Heche in critical condition after hitting a building with her vehicle

Jordan Hoffman

Anne Heche crashed her car at a residence in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles on Friday and remained hospitalized and in critical condition Saturday morning, according to CNN. A source told the outlet that the actress was “lucky to be alive” and “has severe burns and a long recovery ahead of her.”

A Los Angeles Police Department public information officer said Heche’s vehicle was “going at high speed when it left the road and collided with a residence” on Friday. The resulting fire took over an hour to extinguish.

No other injuries were reported.

Video from a neighborhood security camera shows what Fox 11 Los Angeles reported as Heche’s blue MINI Cooper as “fly[ing] by” at “high speed”.

The automobile crashed into the middle of the house, which was badly burned. Rescuers pulled Heche out of the car and brought her to an ambulance on a stretcher covered with a white sheet. A helicopter videographer captured the moment she reflexively stood up, ripping the sheet off, startling rescuers. This sequence is unpleasant to watch, so we decided not to include it.

Heche, 53, born in Ohio, debuted on the daytime soap Another world and is best known for a series of films from the mid to late 1990s, including six days seven nights, I know what you did last summer, Donnie Brasco, Walk the dogand Gus Van Santthe blow for blow remake psychology. This roughly coincided with his relationship with Ellen Degeneresone of the most visible LGBT couples of the time.

In August 2000, Heche suffered a psychological breakdown, culminating in her wandering around Fresno, California, telling people she was going to travel in a spaceship. She knocked on the door of a woman’s house “in the middle of nowhere” and stayed for more than half an hour, “swallow[ing] down glass upon glass of water,” then asking to take a shower and watch a movie on the couch. The resident recognized the actress but contacted the sheriff’s department.

In recent years, Heche has appeared in some mid-budget VOD movies and was a contestant, in 2020, on Dancing with the stars.

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