Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz are rumored to be inseparable and constantly chatting

Janet Williams

With the epithet Ice Girl now more likely to apply to her, the Spice Girls member can comfortably choose a new alias.

Who would have guessed that following the recent declaration of love, Victoria Beckham and her stepdaughter suddenly engaged in a cold war? It turned out that the April texts concerning Nicholas Peltz The adoption of in the family was simply wrong, and the conflict between the women simmered even before marriage.

They do not communicate and do not support each other. The insider recalls that the preparations for the wedding were dreadful.

The daughter of New York millionaire Nelson Peltz never met Victoria and did not want her future mother-in-law involved in the preparations for the event.

Posh Spice, 48, was obviously unable to accept a new family member or appreciate the positive aspects of her young daughter-in-law due to her frosty behavior.

Now that everything has become an endless little drama, mom has even stopped talking to her eldest son.

The UK cover of Tatler, which referred to Peltz as “the new Mrs. Beckham”, provided the finishing touch. They haven’t spoken much in recent months, according to a source.

Perhaps the young actress is having a mother-daughter rivalry and is unhappy with the attention she gets, especially on her wedding day.

We hope the beloved women of the Beckham family can come to a resolution.

In any event! Brooklyn, Victoria and Nicola have not commented on these allegations; nonetheless, it’s worth noting that Nicola and Posh Spice had previously appeared quite close. like when Victoria announced Brooklyn and Nicola’s engagement in 2020, saying,

“The news is SO wonderful! @brooklynbeckham and @nicolaannepeltz’s engagement has us ecstatic! We adore you both and send you our love and best wishes for a lifetime of joy.”

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