🎬 Switched to the side of the occupier: the National Police detained a resident of Kiev Details: about …

Pravda Gerashchenko

He sided with the occupier: the National Police detained a resident of Kyiv region

Details: this was announced by the head of the National Police of Ukraine Igor Klimenko.

During the pre-trial investigation, police established and collected evidence that a 30-year-old citizen of Ukraine, being in the village of Babintsy, Kyiv region, sided with the enemy. The attacker showed the military of the Russian Armed Forces the place of residence of law enforcement officers, military anti-terrorist operation, hunters.

The man is also suspected of looting together with the Russian military. In addition, it is known that he stole and burned the car of fellow villagers and tried to seize another vehicle, threatening the occupiers. He could face up to 15 years in prison or life in prison.

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