🖼 From Biden to Morgan Freeman: the Kremlin imposed a life ban on entry into Russia in the early twentieth century It was built in …

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From Biden to Morgan Freeman: The Kremlin has banned almost a thousand Americans from entering Russia for life

Details: The Russian Foreign Ministry has published a list of 963 American citizens banned from entering the country. Personal sanctions have also been imposed on them.

Now, at the behest of the authors of the list, US President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, former White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, State Department spokesman Ned Price, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, and almost all members of Congress and the Senate have lost their last chance to admire Ufa’s beauties. in Siberia or to recover in Norilsk.

The list does not include only the names of some senators who voted against the 40 billion package of aid to Ukraine. Lucky you!

It is not clear how almost half of Hollywood was on the list, in particular, actor Morgan Freeman. Apparently, they “stuffed” the document with all the American names they could remember.

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