Bluegrass Breakdown: 1982, Part 3

We’ll be wandering back to 1982 when, among other things: the World’s Fair opens in Knoxville; Braniff Airlines files for bankruptcy; actress Sophia Loren is jailed for tax evasion; British troops land in the Falklands; and Dave Evans, Cathy Fink, First National Bluegrass, and the Forbes Family punch out some superlative grass.


  • Jack Fincham & the Dixie Grass: “What Is a Home Without Love” from Deep In the Heart of the Blueridge(Webco)
  • Wild Bill Emerson: “Blues Grass” from Harland County(E&R)
  • Dave Evans: “A Few More Seasons” from A Few More Seasons(Rebel)
  • Cathy Fink: “Cat’s Got the Measles” from Doggone My Time(Rooster)
  • First National Bluegrass; “He Took Your Place” from He Took Your Place(Atteiram)
  • Robin Flower: “Green Sneakers” from Green Sneakers(Flying Fish)
  • The Forbes Family: “Get Down On Your Knees and Pray” / “I Am Looking For a City” from I Am Looking For a City(Lifeline)
  • Gospel Sounds: “Heaven” from Heaven(Chime)
  • Grassfire: “Family Reunion” from Family Reunion (Grassfire)
  • D.W. Griffiths & the Rank Strangers: “Hopeless Passion” from Hopeless Passion(BMA)
  • Richard Greene: “Scotland / Big Mon” from Blue Rondo(Sierra)
  • Half & Half: “Marie” from Half & Half(Folkways)
  • Bill Harrell: “Blue Ridge Mountain Boy” from Blue Ridge Mountain Boy(Leather)
  • George Hazelwood & the Tennessee Pardners: “Bluegrass Time In the Country” from Bluegrass Time In the Country(Old Homestead)
  • Heights of Grass: “Purple Valley Blues” from Live At the Flatrock(H.O.C.)
  • Hickory Hill: “Coyote Night” from Coyote Night(Custom)
  • Bob Harris: “My Old June Bug” from Guitar(BMA)

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