TOPNews MEDIA token “TOPN”

TOPNews MEDIA token is a digital currency, the creation and control of which is based on cryptography, that is, it is protected from hacking. Most often it is decentralized and works on blockchain technology Binance Smart Chain (office blockchain)

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TOPN token passport:

address:  0xdBbE493E47eA9eBA71468Dd857bC4f1F716d8Da7



more information:,,

A new token for payments and investments in the TOPNEWS media space.

Every three months, 50% of the profits from news resources are invested in the token’s capitalization, which confirms its liquidity.

With the help of cryptocurrency you can not only carry out transactions of purchase and sale of advertising space on resources, but also to exchange and trade on the stock exchange. For example,, you can exchange TOPN directly for any coins or fiat available on the platform. For example, to record a profit in the event of a fall in the TOPN exchange rate, you can exchange it for US Dollar Tether USDT. In addition to well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether – TOPN can be exchanged for tokens of new popular projects such as Solana or Polygon or any other.


For distribution of any kind of advertising material, it is possible to add TOPN crypto tokens to the sum of money. 

resourch:   TOPNEWS-USA.COM

  • 5$  Private article with index Google, Bing (forewer)
  • 15$/mons Advertising material with links
  • 20$/mons Banner on the sidebar (on all posts)

You buy tokens for the amount you need, send a transaction number to for verification, and send materials for placement. Remember, you can always get your savings back by selling tokens.

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