Federal judge expected to make ruling on lawsuit from Houston Methodist employees this weekend

The hospital is trying to get the case dismissed with its attorneys saying it has no merit.

HOUSTON — The battle between Houston Methodist Hospital and the employees suing them played out in a federal courtroom Friday.

The hospital is trying to get the case dismissed with its attorneys saying it has no merit.

The judge heard arguments on both sides and gave opinions to each. The judge appears to side with Houston Methodist saying that getting the vaccine was a company policy and was just like having to show up to work on time.

The judge also said taking the vaccine is not like being part of a clinical trial, nor is it experimental.

But while he made these statements in court, the judge has not yet given his official ruling as to whether or not he will dismiss the case.

The attorney for the employees who refused to take the vaccine says they are standing by their belief that Methodist’s mandatory policy is illegal and they are prepared to take the case to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The employees were suspended this week and will be fired if they don’t comply.

“This is the first battle in a long fight,” Attorney Jared Woodfill said. “There are  going to be many battles fought. Not just in this courtroom, but in courtrooms all across the state. There are battles that are going to be fought in the higher courts, the 5th Circuit, the Texas Supreme Court, even the United States Supreme Court. So this is just one battle in a larger war. It’s the first round, if you will.”

The attorney says they also plan to file another lawsuit soon on the state level.

The judge expects his final decision on whether or not to dismiss this lawsuit should be made public sometime this weekend.

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