S. Green teen shooting: Girl killed, police looking for brother

HOUSTON — Investigators are trying to piece together what happened leading up to a deadly shooting at apartments in southeast Houston late Thursday.

A 15-year-old girl was shot dead, and police are looking her brother who they believe was the last one seen holding a gun.

The shooting happened at about 12 a.m. at the Lenox Apartments in the 12600 block of S. Green, according to Lt. Willkens with the Houston Police Department.

The family of the victim told police that the girl is a frequent runaway. Both her mom and stepdad had been trying to find her for several days.

Her brother and his girlfriend found she was staying with friends at the apartments. Police said the brother was holding a gun as he went to get his sister and gather her belongings.

As they were leaving, neighbors said they heard a gunshot before someone said, “oh my God, why’d you do that?”

The teen girl died at the scene.

Police are still working to locate the brother and his girlfriend as the investigation continues.

Currently, no names or charges have been announced.

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