Scarborough Elementary 3rd grade class gets perfect attendance

HOUSTON — A class full of third-grade students didn’t let a pandemic or a rare Texas winter storm stop them from cracking open the school books.

“All the students were here every day. Cold weather, raining, any difficulties but they were here. They would be either online or face-to-face,” said Scarborough Elementary principal Miriam Medina. 

Luna said he couldn’t hold his excitement when he found out the news. He said he kept his students’ parents encouraged by telling them they’ve reached another week of perfect attendance and when he was informed his class won he told his students, “We made it!”

Luna and his students had a red carpet award ceremony to celebrate their historical accomplishments.

According to Medina, there has never been an entire class in Scarborough’s history that has received perfect attendance. 

Talk about impressive! Way to go guys!

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