How to feed raspberries in May to collect a lot of delicious berries

The main task of the gardener in May – to support fruit crops during frosts, which often occur during this period at night, protect from pests and carefully fertilize. How to care for raspberries in May to get a great harvest – in the material of

When the first pruning and tillage is done, do not fold your hands and wait for the appearance of raspberries, you need to start fertilizing the bushes.

It is important, if the weather is not spoiled by rain, to follow a regular schedule of watering raspberries – once a week to water at the rate of ten liters of water per bush.

The most important thing in this period is to feed raspberries in every possible way.

  • Organics. During the flowering period, raspberries can be fed roasted horse and cow manure, spread it under the bushes and watered.
  • Mineral fertilizers. It is enough to fertilize raspberries with a solution of ammonium nitrate. The solution is prepared in a proportion of 3 grams per 15 liters of water. Before applying the solution, the soil should be loosened. The finished solution is applied per square meter.
  • Folk remedies. Yeast works very well for a good raspberry harvest. To make a solution for watering, one bag of dry yeast is dissolved in one bucket of water. For better fermentation, add three tablespoons of sugar and leave for several hours. The concentrate is diluted with clean water in a ratio of 1: 5 and watered with raspberries.

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