Show business news: the director of the Kalush Orchestra at Eurovision 2022 commented on the symbolism in the production

Director Oleksiy Honcharenko believes that the number was not very brilliant, which is not the case with the song, which finally won the “Eurovision-2022”.

Today the director visited the program “Breakfast with 1 + 1” Alexey Goncharenko. He is the general producer of Friends Production, which created the television version of the Ukrainian national selection-2022 and the winning number in the competition for Kalush Orchestra.

The director was personally in Turin with the representatives of Ukraine and was infinitely happy with the victory of Ukraine. He says that despite many years of experience in creating television programs, he was intrigued by the announcement of points.

“This time I was a victim of TV intrigue. When the jury announced the points, I forgot that there should be points from the audience, so we were a little upset. Behind the scenes sat Swedes and Britons, the latter were already rubbing their hands, realizing that “Then they started announcing the audience scores, the cameras began to actively film the Ukrainian delegation and even us behind the scenes to capture the victorious emotions. We were incredibly happy,” Goncharenko said.

Two directors worked on the band’s number at Eurovision-2022: Maksym Postyuk and Oleksiy Zhembrovsky. The end of the Kalush Orchestra issue caused a flurry of emotions on social networks, as users saw the flag of Donetsk in the final frame. Whether it was in fact – Goncharenko answered rather ambiguously: “if you like it – it was intended, and if not – it happened by accident.”

Kalush Orchestra / Photo: Getty Images

The director believes that, first of all, the victory was brought to Ukraine by a very hit song, not a number that he personally considers professionally made, but not brilliant.

“I won’t say that it was a brilliant number from us. But the song is really brilliant. Because everyone sang it. It’s very easy to repeat. It’s a hit and, according to music experts, it has a hook. That’s what comes in. it’s impossible to throw it in your head. It’s a born hit, it’s very difficult to make it artificially, “Goncharenko comments.

Regarding the statement of the band’s leader Oleg Psyuk from the stage of the Azovstal contest, the director commented that it was Oleg’s idea, and of course the Ukrainian delegation was anxiously awaiting the statement of Eurovision organizers, as it could disqualify the country. However, this statement was seen as a humanitarian appeal.

Alexey Goncharenko

If we recall, the personal communication between Oleksiy Honcharenko and the Kalush Orchestra began with a scandal at the national selection, when the band accused the organizers of vote rigging. According to the director, establishing relations during the preparation of the Eurovision show was difficult, but he did not insult the guys, because they fought for their right to represent Ukraine and asked to show the votes of the audience, which they won, as stated under the time of the live broadcast of the national selection in February. The number was prepared in Lviv after the full-scale invasion, so all the negative was left in the past to prepare a good production.

As for the scandal with Alina Pash, who could not prove that she went to the annexed Crimea across the Ukrainian border and was disqualified by the organizers of the national team, despite the victory, Goncharenko commented: “Alina did not have the courage to say as it was. And this game worked. 100% against it. “

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