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KYIV. August 7. UNN. The Times published an article in which they studied the report of Amnesty International and came to the conclusion that it is Putin’s propaganda. It informs UNN.


The British publication “The Times” called the international human rights organization Amnesty International “propagandists of Putin”, which accused the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union of allegedly hiding behind the civilian population.

The publication paid special attention to the head of Amnesty International, Agnes Calamar. She is said to have turned the debate into a farce by blaming criticism of the report on “trolls”.


“In any serious international organization, Kalamar would have resigned after such a report and statements. However, Amnesty International will not save it,” the article says.

We will remind

The non-governmental organization Amnesty International stated in its report that the Ukrainian military endangers the civilian population by creating bases and placing weapons in residential areas, including schools and hospitals.

The Ukrainian side immediately reacted to such a statement.

Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President commented it’s like “participating in a Russian disinformation and propaganda campaign.”

Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba statedthat “Amnesty International is not about finding and reporting the truth, but about creating a false balance.”

Volodymyr Zelenskyi notedthat the organization “wants to shift responsibility for crimes from the aggressor to the victim.”

“We will not allow our army to be spoiled”, – with such a comment spoke Oleksiy Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

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