The United States is considering supplying Ukraine with long-range weapons, but fears that the Armed Forces will hit deep into Russia

The United States and Ukraine are discussing the risks of using Western weapons.

The United States and Ukraine are discussing the supply of long-range weapons, including the M142 multiple rocket launcher (HIMARS). However, Washington is concerned about a possible escalation if Ukraine uses these weapons to target strikes deep into the territory of.

About this he writes Reuters citing US diplomats and high-ranking officials.

According to the publication, after the United States and its allies began to provide Ukraine with more advanced weapons, Washington held talks with Kyiv on danger of escalationif it strikes deep inside Russia.

“Backstage discussions, which are very sensitive and have not been reported before, do not impose clear geographical restrictions on the use of weapons supplied to Ukrainian forces. But the talks aimed to reach a common understanding of the risk of escalation,” the journalists said, citing sources. American officials.

“We have concerns about the escalation of the conflict, but we still do not want to impose geographical restrictions or tie their hands too much to what we give them,” he said.

U.S. officials say the Biden administration is even considering supplying Kyiv with the M142 high-mobility missile system (HIMARS), which, depending on the ammunition, can have a range of hundreds of kilometers.

But US intelligence also warns of growing risks, especially given the mismatch between Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambitions and the effectiveness of his military. The coming months could shift the war to a “more unpredictable and potentially escalating trajectory,” said National Intelligence Director Evril Gaines.

However, it is noted that Washington and Kyiv have a common understanding on the use of some Western weapons systems.

Earlier we wrote why The United States does not want to hand over HIMARS missile systems to Ukraine.

Alexei Arestovich said that the Russians are extremely afraid of supplying Ukraine with other weapons – MLRS (American multiple rocket launcher). And Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes that MLRS is really needed to stop Russia’s aggression.

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