Voice assistant from Amazon will soon be able to imitate the voice of deceased relatives – news on UNN

KYIV. June 24. UNN. A new feature presented at the Amazon Re: Mars conference in Las Vegas. The feature is under development and will allow a virtual assistant to simulate a certain person’s voice based on less than a minute’s recording. Reports about it UNN with reference to the AR.


Rohit Prasad, senior vice president and chief research officer at Alexa (a voice assistant integrated into Amazon’s audio device), said at an event on Wednesday that the function was to build more trust in user interaction with Alexa by adding more. human attributes of empathy and affect ”.


“These attributes became even more important during the ongoing pandemic, when so many of us lost those we love,” Prasad said.

In a video played by Amazon in the west, a small child asks, “Alex, can Grandma read me The Wizard of Oz?” Alex then confirms the request and switches to another voice that mimics the child’s grandmother. Then the voice assistant continues to read the book in the same voice.

To create this feature, Prasad said that the company must learn to create a “high-quality voice” with a shorter recording, as opposed to an hourly recording in the studio. Amazon has not provided more details about this feature, which will inevitably raise more privacy and ethical concerns about consent.

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