“Volnorez” Odesa – Experts spoke about the possibility of an offensive of the Russian military on Odesa

If the Russian army surrounds or captures Mykolaiv shthe road to Odesa will be opened.

Taras Berezovets, an officer of the first separate special brigade named after Ivan Bohun, reports this.

According to him, the enemy has increased its contingent fourfold in the last two weeks on the Mykolaiv direction, which is extremely important for the enemy. This indicates that the Russian military is preparing an offensive operation in this direction.

The fact that the number of shelling has increased significantly also indicates the preparation for the offensive.

Berezovets also noted that the Russians are trying to establish control over Ukraine’s nuclear power plants. The South Ukrainian NPP is located in this direction.

From the editors: control over Ukraine’s nuclear power plants will enable Russia to blackmail Europe with a shortage of energy carriers.

Currently, Russia has withdrawn 25,000 troops to the south of Ukraine. 10,000 of them are located on the right bank of the Dnieper, southeast of Mykolaiv.

For his part, military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko expressed the opinion that any attack on Mykolaiv by the Russian troops will not succeed.

“Their real goal is to go to the borders of the Kherson region before September 11 in order to “hold a referendum”, that’s all, period. This goal, in my opinion, is not feasible, especially if you look at the Kryvyi Rih direction,” — stated he is in his TG channel.

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