Activists, families of victims demand action against reckless driving in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — A community activist is pleading for an end to reckless driving on city streets.

Tracey Dent held a news conference outside Milwaukee City Hall Thursday night, Oct. 14.

He shared details of conversations he’s had with local officials, including the district attorney and Acting Police Chief Jeffrey Norman.

Family members of reckless driving victims also spoke.

Julie Wellinger’s son was killed in a reckless driving crash in August.

He and a friend were hit by a car driving more than 100 miles per hour near 60th and Hampton.

“These boys were killed instantly,” said Wellinger. “They were 22 years old. They were just beginning their lives, and because of reckless driving, they cannot start their lives. Their lives are ended.”

Family members are calling for harsher penalties for those charged with reckless driving.

They’re demanding the Common Council allocate more funds toward public safety, including the hiring of additional police officers.

You can watch the conference in full, below.

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