Geneva Lake home sold for $7.6 million

An 8,755-square-foot home on the shore of Lake Geneva has sold for about $7.6 million. (Photo courtesy of Zillow)

An 8,755-square-foot home on the shore of Geneva Lake has sold for about $7.6 million.

Located on East Lakeside Lane in the Town of Linn, the six-bedroom, 10-bath home was purchased by Jeffrey K. Swallow 2020 Irrevocable Trust #2, which is located in Hinsdale, Illinois, according to property transfer records posted by the state on Friday. Swallow is the president and CEO of the Aurora, Illinois-based company Magnetrol/Ametek STC.

The home was sold by Nicholas Kallergis, the owner of Fiesta Holdings, a Naples, Florida company that owns roughly 20 Taco Bell franchises across Illinois and Ohio.

Built in 2003, the home has a number of amenities, including a movie room, swimming pool, several docks and sprawling grounds, porches and patios.

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