Late for junior prom, teams settle tied ballgame with rock, paper, scissors

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) — A couple of local high school baseball teams ran into a time crunch after their game went extra innings.

They came up with a creative solution involving a game many of us played as kids.

We’ve all played rock, paper, scissors, right?

Well, the baseball players from Slinger and Brookfield East high schools turned to that childhood game to decide the outcome of a game that had to end.

Last Saturday, the East Spartans and the Slinger Owls started a game at 11 a.m. 

Fourteen innings later, the score was tied and East had a problem — their junior prom was coming up that night and the players needed to leave and get ready.

Neither coach wanted to see a forfeit.

What to do? Turns out the players themselves came up with the solution.

“Both squads kind of rounded up around home plate and they each picked a guy and they did a rock, paper, scissors, best two out of three is how they wanted to solve it,” said Slinger baseball coach Kamron Koplitz. “We had no clue at all and I think it’s one moment that we can both be proud of our guys that they came together and made something fun out of it.”

East won the first round, Slinger won the second and it all came down to a third and deciding call, which East won.

Both coaches say they were proud of the solution their players came up with.

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