“It means betting on America’s workers”: Biden touts job creation in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pa. (WTRF) – President Biden arrived in Pittsburgh on a very snowy Friday afternoon to discuss infrastructure in the same city he announced his American Jobs Plan last March.

The motorcade arrived amid flurries as the president stepped down into a shaken Pittsburgh.

It’s part of his tour of cities in several battleground states this year to talk about his administration’s accomplishments before the midterm elections.

He stopped at Carnegie Mellon University to acknowledge the financial stress of the last year, including the inflation that continues tot trend upward.

My dad said, ‘all you need, a family needs is just a little bit of breathing room.’ A little bit of breathing room. And so many people don’t have it now.

President Joe Biden

However—he assured that a working class revival is on the way.

Biden pointed out that Pittsburgh lost 100,000 steel jobs between 1970 and 1990, and gave anecdotes of his childhood in a manufacturing-driven Pennsylvania.

He said he wanted to build the country from what he describes as the middle up and the bottom out.

I’ve never known when a wealthy person didn’t do well when the middle class was doing well.

President Joe Biden

He pointed to the recent local wins for job creation, including the semiconductor plant in Columbus and new locomotives being built in Erie—something he calls betting on America’s workers.

Making it in America is what built this city, the Steel City.

President Joe Biden

The president also toured the site of the Frick Park bridge collapse.

He thanked first responders, and vowed that the new infrastructure law passed in November would solve these problems before they result in tragedy.

I didn’t realize there are literally more bridges in Pittsburgh than any other city in the world…we’re gonna fix them all.

President Joe Biden

The president’s press secretary Jen Psaki says the president is in touch with Pittsburgh officials on what help they can provide on the ground for those affected by the bridge collapse.

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